Donna worked at Giant Eagle for 27 years and when her sister Kelly bought her diner, Donna thought that she would like to have a try at it herself. They have been here since 2002. Before Donna came here she had never worked in a restaurant so it really was a learning experience. Her sister Lynn worked here with her for 6 months and helped Donna to get it up and running as there was really no good will (business) when she bought it. So many of our customers are older and many of them were here on a daily basis. Many have passed on now, but the support they offered helped us to remain focused on our goal. Many offered advise and shared their knowledge. Several would offer to help if they saw that we were getting overwhelmed. Where else but a small neighborhood could we get that kind of support?

We are always trying to provide our customers with new menu items. In the summer we offer a picnic and in the fall & winter we offer the Daily Specials (all comfort foods and all home made). All of our meats are roasted and carved here. Soups and sauces are made from scratch. We even make potato pancakes and mashed potatoes from fresh potatoes.

We have created a new dish called Smashing MIni's. They taste like French Toast and are made like a Waffle. Topped with  your choice of fresh fruits and freshly made sauces. They smell  so good people  often ask "What are they making?". Try one today.